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When we got back Jim had me show Robby a lick I was playing, and we used it on .“From there, it was a jam right through the album.We worked the tunes up on the spot, and did very few takes.It was all about sex with prostitutes, marijuana and tequila – hence ‘ was about the new music Jim heard when his family were moving around the South West States in the 1960s.He got this vision of a huge radio tower spewing out noise…This was when Wolfman Jack was on XERB, out of Rosarito Beach, in Mexico, blasting out 250,000 watts of soul power.

He was in trouble, yeah, he was, but without the world around him, everything else went away.”, describing this rapid process. Krieger pleaded for was a Doors collaboration, whipped into shape by Manzarek, although Morrison and Krieger came up with the basic track while tripping at Robby’s idyllic beachfront house in 1969, where they recorded a demo in the guitarist’s home studio, marvelling at the hyacinths growing round Krieger’s pool.One day he stopped the session and took me to lunch.He ordered ox tails and drank Jack Daniel’s out of the bottle. Neither Max or I believed this, but we thought it’d be interesting to explore. We found a number for Patrick Chauvel and Max caught him having breakfast outside a Parisian cafe. Jim’s attitude was always, ‘Look out man, I’m hell bent on destruction’. We figured he might emerge from the spiral, but working with Jim in the studio was the only way we knew how to transcend his problem.”After Rothchild’s departure The Doors went to the Moo-Ling restaurant and considered their options. Most recently, a guy called Sam Bernett had released a book in France claiming that Morrison hadn’t died in a bathtub but in the nightclub Bernett ran at the time. He became Classic Rock’s next front cover story – and suddenly Max had an extra month to work on The Doors. Varda, sick of being hassled – I mean ‘charmed’ – by Max, talked.

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