100 dating site in kenya 2016

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He worked a crane under the water and he Lied about his faith in God and how he was told he was going to meet me and take care of me. bunny, yes I'm gullible highly educated woman. I m not holding my breath Hi Roxanne, I went through the same thing . The money he said was to come here instead he took away the money so I curse him out which he decide to pay me back. If you want you can reply to me and I can help and tell you what to do.

He knew I was a recent widow but I really didn’t want anything serious but he wouldn’t leave me alone. I gave a lot to these criminals ..than what you've lost. The last message was a 2 sentence txt from him December 1st 2018 then he block all incoming call. I was scammed by the man I believe who live in Kenya. During 10 months course of the scam Mar 18- Jan 19, I had wired US 40 k to this con man through the banks in Turkey Plus 20 K through western union in Kenya .

And ladies there is another one out there named David M Rivas i met him on Instagram. I told him that won’t be possible as I never met him, and he quickly accused me of being married, and thank goodness the communication ended.

If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. Yes I know that's wrong even if I'm in a abusive marriage.Good thing you didn't allow yourself to fall prey to what he wanted from you.Going to jail/prison is so not worth it for these losers, a real care honest person wouldn't want you to go the extremes for them like a scammer would in order to meet them. I'm 58 years old but very young at heart and physically.United Nations deals with terrorist (I think) not pipe running LOL. Been trying for 4 years to track him down without any success. He claims his name is kayland Berger, goes by Kay Berger, with an email address of bergerkay119 @gmail.com, an text mail phone number of 817-668-8634, on “Hangout” as Kay Berger… I was born and raised from a Catholic home at Linz.. I'm widowed for 9yrs now looking for that special woman of my dreams to bring back the joy and happiness I have been missing since I lost my late wife (companion).I hope I can meet this loser (scammer) so I can grill him on Detroit Michigan, I am from there LOL. I have one adopted daughter called Adjoa who lives in Austria now with my Aunt, she’s black and in college at the moment, I adopted because my wife couldn't bear kids...

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