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All campuses produce outstanding students for the nursing profession. Student Handbook - Click here for a pdf copy of the 2019-2020 Practical Nursing Handbook. The Evening/Weekend Program consist of students completing 3-4 night classes a week from - with 8-12 hour days on Saturdays.Click here for gainful employment information on Practical Nursing. Alternate times and days will be provided by your instructor.Fulfillment of the Mission occurs by implementation of the standardized curriculum, utilization of current and effective instructional materials, and emphasizing the safety and cultural needs of the patient.The faculty seek to educate students on the vital qualities required to meet the needs of the healthcare industry.Non-Discrimination Policy Northwest Mississippi Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, gender identity, age, or status as a veteran or disabled veteran in all its programs and activities.Northwest Mississippi Community College prohibits sexual harassment and all forms of sexual violence, regardless of sex, gender identity or sexual orientation. Box 7017, 4975 Highway 51 North, Senatobia, MS 38668, telephone number 662-562-3216, e-mail address [email protected]; Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972/Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: Vice President for Student Services, Tate Hall, P. Box 7010, 4975 Highway 51 North, Senatobia, MS 38668, telephone number 662-562-3997, e-mail address [email protected] Oxford Campus also has a class beginning every January. Alternate times and days will be provided by your instructor. The spring (January) start is only available at Oxford. Applications for spring enrollment for January-December class at Oxford campus will occur from June to October 14 of each year. Choose the Spring Enrollment Day Classes Oxford tab for more information.The De Soto campus offers an 18-month program for the night/weekend program, beginning every fall on the even year. Applications for fall enrollment for Senatobia, Ashland, De Soto, and Oxford will occur from January through April 30 of each year. Choose the Fall Enrollment All Campuses tab for more information.

Program Withdrawal If a student finds it necessary to withdraw from the program for any reason, the official steps as outlined in the NWCC Bulletin must be followed.An incomplete application will not be valid for acceptance into the program. If you need computer access or help with completion please contact your campus contact listed under the contact tab. Selection of students will be based upon a ranking system of the following criteria: ACT score, TEAS score, previous coursework, CNA/Medical Background, Academic probation/dismissal, & previous GPA.After Acceptance to the Program Once an applicant is accepted to the program, the following must be completed.A Student who properly and officially withdraws will receive a grade of “W” (official withdrawal) in all classes. An unofficial withdrawal is attributed to a student who leaves the program without going through the published withdrawal procedures.This unofficial withdrawal will result in the student receiving “F” grades in all classes.

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