Are dougie poynter and frankie sandford still dating

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Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid Email Yes, you did read that correctly. Dougie arrived just before her looking particularly jolly and cheeky all at the same time. We're pretty certain he would have chosen his best bandana and had a tummy full of butterflies. So you are not one of these illustrations that downs two unions of water a day.

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It must’ve been the most awkward weekend in primetime TV.People need to grow up, she hasn't got the easiest life and Myself and many other people have alot of respect for her due to this, shes the…Frankie Sanford From The Saturdays Is Going Out With Dougie Poynter From Myfly But There Are Some Rumours That Ashley And Frankie Are A Couple But There Not Because Frankie Has Accepted That Them To Are Just Friends! She didn't have much of a career, she gets with Dougie, then BOOM, success. Dougie states that him and Frankie are still great friends. In November a friend said Frankie felt it was as far as they could go and Dougie…Silly immature people seem to think they can due t the fact she and Dougie broke up when really this is an irrelevant reason to hate on anybody.She has never done anything wrong to anybody and is so talented its unbelievable.

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