Average age of internet dating users

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Based on the United States demographics data (from Ad Planner) there is a clear gender imbalance on many of these sites. However, when you look at all the data together, it becomes clear that women rule social media.More than two thirds of the sites in this survey have more female than male users.As we just mentioned, there are big differences in the age demographics of the individual sites.You can examine all of them in the chart here below.With over 7 million monthly users, Tinder was far and away the most popular app. Ok Cupid had over 2.5 million monthly users, which sounds like a lot, but like I said it's way, way less than Tinder.In fact, none of the other apps reported on had even half the number of users as Tinder, so if you're just looking to work the numbers game Tinder is the way to go. But, the median age was 32, so if you're hoping for a more mature crowd but still want a lot of people to chose from, it sounds like a good option.Although why you would ever be an awkward first date while hurling through the sky in a metal bird is beyond me.But despite all the different options available, there are still some clear front-runners in the dating app department.

Now it’s time to examine the male-female ratio, or gender balance if you prefer that word.

Bumble is probably the most popular app among my friends after Tinder, mostly because it's female-led.

But with just over a million monthly users, it's a lot less popular than the options above.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the data!

If you average the age distribution across all the sites in the survey, this here below is what you end up with.

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