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This dating website only allow beautiful people to become members. plus, i'm interested in seeing what kind of members are on that website.. ### Btw this thread is a classic example of women being way overly critical of women's looks, when men are far more easy going.You can't even go beyond the homepage if you are not a member. i'm sure i can past the test my bad for having standards and notice how u mentioned "big-boobed".. we never dissed her bod; face on the other hand, could use some minor work. Yet they always try to blame men on women's body image issues. When I was exploring photoshop I encoutered a certain technique wich would give outcome exactly like above picture. Her face is fine, and her so-called "huge" (not) thighs are just yummy. I'm sick of the clone army of flat-chested, tooth-pick limbed Asian chicks with big head & anime-pretty face. The poll of 3K members found bad skin, a disproportionate nose and weight were some of the main reasons why someone would get rejected.

Święto to jest, co prawda, uświęcone tradycją, jednakże są ludzie, którzy zdecydowanie przesadzają z hołdowaniem tej jednej tradycji. LONDON (Reuters) - Britons are among the ugliest people in the world, according to a dating website that says it only allows "beautiful people" to join.Fewer than one in eight British men and just three in 20 women who have applied to Beautiful have been accepted, an emailed statement from the website showed. However, only ‘beautiful people’ of the opposite sex can judge you. I wezwał pan do miasta zwanego Utopia, wszystkich z ludzi największych. During this time other club members study your profile and decide if you can join or not.

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