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If you're seeking to know and understand the Bible and God Himself better, these Bible Seeker snapshot lessons can open your eyes to recognizing God's presence and work in your everyday surroundings. One of His names points to this truth - Jehovah Shammah. These Bible lessons are meant to be hands-on and applicable; so be creative and use your phone to take your own photo to have with you throughout the day or even share Jesus through social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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These short & simple Bible lessons for adults (or any age) begin with a photo of an everyday object that can remind us of God's truth and His presence throughout our day.

These free Bible lessons for adults contain a variety of subjects; so whether you are a seasoned Bible study teacher or just beginning study the Bible, we hope you find something that will help you dig into God's Word.

We want to save you the time of looking and collect some of the best and most creative Bible lessons for adults on the web into one location for you.

If you know an inmate who would be interested, you can enroll them in our paper course.

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