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“Dating Around” takes time to grow on you; it will make you cringe at the interactions at first.

But soon, you will find yourself rooting for your favorite date to get picked.

Each episode is divided into three components of the evening: drinks, dinner and after-hours.

“Dating Around” takes common first date interaction and elevates it by utilizing snappy editing techniques.

Like the original, graphics including animations and speech bubbles will appear on screen as the narrator weaves in commentary and cameras follow the couple’s every move.

The original series, hosted by Lodge and distributed by NBC Universal Television, premiered in 1999 and ran for 10 seasons with a total of 1,440 episodes.

When it comes to reality television, the programs we see are usually highly structured and dramatized for our viewing pleasure.Location: Atlanta, GA Type: Reality TV Now seeking fun and outgoing Atlanta area singles with HUGE personalities for an exciting reboot of the classic dating show BLIND DATE!Long before there were captivating dating shows like Are You The One? If you are not familiar with the brilliant program, allow me to break it down: As you might’ve gleaned from the name of the Roger Lodge-hosted show, people go on blind dates. Why am I typing words about this now-defunct reality show today? I've chosen a few that are truly worth a revisit (or a first visit)/worth carving out a chunk of your day for: This is, as Roger Lodge warns before the footage begins, a Date from Hell. I am as obsessed by these clips as Mark is obsessed by reptiles.While there are no high stakes moments implemented in the show, there is certainly the tension and drama that comes with the average blind date.Although there is no “elimination” factor in the program, any given date can have its pitfalls and conclude at any point in the evening.

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