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I've been having problems with Wo W for 2 hours just trying to get it to update..that one checkbox was the issue. Of course I don't get to play until after I sleep now, but at least it's finally downloading!

Since the beginning of beta, we’ve seen a lot of bug reports around the Hunter class in particular, and we’ve been working diligently over the past weeks to shore up some of the issues that players have been reporting to us.

Where this may have popped up during patch 1.12 originally, it was not the ultimate outcome.

As a pvp’er, many times you would scatter to bait a trinket so you could instantly FD-Trap the player and get distance. This is incorrect and should be addressed before the pvp patches. Going into the Pre-Launch test today we wanted to take a moment and edit the original post above with an additional status update.

It should just check if there are updates and install them automatically if they are found.

However, if the problem won’t go away, the process has become buggy and you should kill it using Task Manager.

This fix is especially useful for people who have changes their default DNS settings from the default values to something else (such as free DNS addresses by Open DNS or Google).

This will block the client from updating properly and you might have to revert your settings to default for the sake of installing this update. Log Me In Hamachi is a virtual private network (VPN) application that is capable of establishing direct links between computers that are behind Network address translation(“NAT”) firewalls by simulating a LAN connection which can be useful for playing games over LAN with distant computers.

We hope to have fixes in place for these issues before launch, but please note that we can never guarantee when or if any known issue will be fixed.

The “Waiting on another installation or update” error appears when users are trying to open the launcher for a Blizzard game which is usually run through the desktop app.

The message indicated that other installs or updates are being downloaded or installed but users see no such things in the client.

If there are indeed certain updates waiting to be downloaded or installed for either one of the games you own in the client or for the client itself, you can simply put them on hold if you want to play a game.

Simply open up your client to make sure its processes are running and head for the system tray (lower right part of your screen).

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