Books dating violence

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But 32-year-old Segovia hasn’t always been in such a loving relationship.

She was only 13 when she met the man who would terrorize her for the next four years, and become the father of her first child.

She also encourages them to express their feelings. “And they’re allowed to come talk to me about their emotions.” Teach teenagers to break the “girl/boy code” A teenage girl might not feel comfortable telling an adult that her friend is being abused because she doesn’t want to betray her trust.

A teenage boy might think that it’s none of his business if he sees a male friend talk disrespectfully to his girlfriend or hit her.

Tell your teenager that domestic violence is never acceptable and that they must always report it.

RESOURCES FOR SURVIVORS OF TEEN DATING VIOLENCE If you are a teen who is currently experiencing abuse, know that you are not alone.

Give young males a healthy outlet for their anger Most boys are used to hearing that it’s wrong to hit a female or to act out in anger, but they don’t learn how to express their anger appropriately.

Segovia teaches her two boys that it’s OK to be angry if they find a healthy outlet – running around the block, working out in the gym, playing football, etc.

“Their mom and dad can then know that they’re safe …They can also use smartphones to send threatening text messages or find out their location.EDUCATING TEENAGERS ABOUT TEEN DATING VIOLENCE Model healthy relationships for teenagers Many teenagers, especially young women, grow up with an unrealistic view of romance and relationships because they only know what they’ve seen in movies or on TV.and that they can get therapy and come out stronger.” As a parent, Segovia is also especially aware of the need to educate parents and teachers about teen dating violence so they recognize the warning signs before it’s too late.Teenagers will often be too scared or embarrassed to tell the truth so adults need to probe a little deeper if they are concerned by a child’s behavior or appearance.

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