Brian viglione dating

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Violent Femmes is an American alternative rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, initially active from 1980 to 1987 and again from 1988 to 2009. The band has performed as a trio, including: singer, guitarist and songwriter Gordon Gano, bassist Brian Ritchie, and three drummers, Victor De Lorenzo (1980–1993, 2002–20), Guy Hoffman (1993–2002) and Brian Viglione (2013–present).

The Violent Femmes have released eight studio albums and fifteen singles during the course of their career.

These include winning the first prize at the Filippo Trevisan competition, 1st Prize at 20th International Piano Competition Citta di Marsala, 1st Prize at 4th Sigismund Thalberg International Competition etc. She started her focus on rock music as her career since 2006, Viktoriya has since focused on heavy metal covers by metal bands which are usually posted on her You Tube Channel.

Her channel has garnered over 80 million views and she has the subscriber number of 300 thousand owing to her incredible singing talents and skills that she portrays through several of her videos.

She later joined the Liszt Academy of Music situated in Weimar as well as the International Piano Academy in Italy where she learnt to play the piano.

She also studied at the Codarts Academy of Music and Modern Dance on Netherlands and won a variety of piano competitions in her earlier career.

She has been known to be single ever since her rise to fame.

It surely tells us that she is very secretive about her personal life and does not like to disclose details about her personal life to her fans and critics around the world.

Somehow, though, Gano, Ritchie and De Lorenzo's replacement, Dresden Dolls' Brian Viglione (who departed the group at the end of last year), managed to scrape together an album's worth of tunes.A less charitable perspective is that it's a pale Silly Putty copy of , with the vocal and instrumental tone reprised precisely from 33 years ago.It touches on all of the Femmes' familiar themes: masturbation ("Foothills"), Christian awe ("Holy Ghost"), lady troubles ("Big Car", which starts as leaden double-entendre and becomes a leaden murder ballad in its final line).Viktoriya has never been assumed to be dating anybody of her own gender.So it can be said that she is not a lesbian and is straight.

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