Build a dating site with drupal

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Users can also add images, slideshows, videos, custom text, menus, etc. Panels block regions can include custom HTML, CSS, & PHP code. The first step is to install and enable the Panels module in the Drupal administration section.

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In this tutorial, we will build a Panels landing page with Views Blocks embedded in different regions within a template.This is probably the question you came here looking for…but it’s also a flawed question because it’s impossible to say whether Word Press or Drupal is “better”.Instead, a more helpful question to ask is “which is better for this specific website that I’m building? That is – you should focus on choosing the right tool for your specific project, not looking for a proclamation that one is always better than the other.According to a survey from Wordfence, plugin vulnerabilities accounted for a massive 55.9% of all known entry points for malicious actors.And overall, Word Press was the content management system used by 74% of the hacked websites that Sucuri analyzed.

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