C datagridview cellvalidating example

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EDIT The biggest thing about the Cell Validating event is that you can stop the user from leaving a cell, if the value entered does not pass your validation.

This makes that the value is displayed as a percentage according to the current culture.

I think in the end it depends on what your validation needs are.

In my case, Cell Value Changed has done what I wanted/needed.

I used this event because I wanted to fire off a certain order of events, but only when the user changes the value of a cell.

I have not noticed much in the way of a performance hit (tested with 100 - 5000 rows).

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c datagridview cellvalidating example-24

So the function handling the event runs at start-up as many time as there are columns.To make it more clear when I press Enter for the second time.If I switch to another control right after editing a cell, my method isn't executed at all. I understand that the impact in performance should be irrelevant when using simple validation and conditional highlighting rules but I would as much prefer it not to run useless code everytime the user moves to another cell if it can be avoided.Thanks, I'm using Cell Value Changed currently on a grid with custom validation and have had no problems with display or anything else.

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