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Same as above for validating, you need to set the Validation Type property to Validation Type. The below code is a sample example for validating the data of Excel sheet.Data validaton means validation of data, such as - type of data and length of data should exist etc.This article demonstrates how to validate an Excel data without consuming a lot of time.Getting Started Before starting a demonstration let’s understand about this demonstration.This demonstration is useful while validating an Excel sheet before uploading it to the server in both web and Windows-based applications.But here, this demonstration uses Windows-based application and it does not contain Upload coding part, it contains only validation part of coding.Validation happens with the help of Xml Reader Settings class which comes under System. Validating schema means validating the structure of the table, the number of columns should be same as a schema of the Excel sheet. Schema It is the recommendation of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that specifies how to formally describe the elements in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) document.

Some confusion exists in the definition of data validation because the validation process does not check that the data is correct.

Take controls like textbox, textblock, button, and list box like below image.

The textbox and button are taken in this demonstration to browse the Excel file and list box whose border color is red for displaying the messages.

These rules are generally defined in a data dictionary or are implemented through data validation software.

NET application you would have come across scenarios where you would like to validate whether the value entered is of a particular data type. NET developer is to write javascript functions to check whether the entered value complies with a data type or make the page postback and check the data type in server side. Compare validator supports validation for Currency, Date, Double, Integer and String data type.

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