Casual dating rules

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You both know what you want and it is absurd to chase each other around.You don’t have to play hard to get because your final goal is not for the other person to fall for you hard.

No silent treatment, no holding grudges, and no resentment – you’re not children, but two adults, and you should act accordingly.

The truth is that you and your quasi-partner haven’t made any promises to each other. However, this doesn’t give you the right to treat each other however the hell you want, without taking the other person’s feelings into consideration.

You still need to respect each other’s time, energy, and feelings.

Do you want to keep all of this casual dating a secret or is it acceptable to talk about it with your friends? Or is there nothing wrong with disappearing from each other’s lives from time to time, without any explanation?

Being in a no strings attached relationship means that there is absolutely no need for playing mind games with the other person.

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