Chris pine shirtless blind dating

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It’s like he (well I’d assume it’s a he but correct me if I’m wrong) carefully weaved all of our wet dreams about male celebrities together into digital pixels with Photoshop and transform them into these stunning visuals. He’s the only one that had his body fuzz trimmed to oblivion. Thanks to Regan for the heads up, and you know these are actually NSFW.

My favorites are, in no particular order — Sam Trammell, Adam Baldwin, Hugh Laurie, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Craig, heavily forested Matt Bomer and a very pre-historic Jeremy Piven — which should be hung in the National History Museum of Fuzz, if they have one. Read more The new year has not been so kind to me so far, but I know that’s not a reason to not have hot men illuminating your gloomy day in the office after the celebration ended.

Though their relationship is fraught with cultural differences.

Pine boldly goes into this unusual romantic comedy as a virginal blind guy whose brother.

Chris pine blind dating review early was born in los father, blind blind dating tips dating soundtrack jay robert born.

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Blind Dating is a romantic comedy film directed by.

Jack Ryan also has a variety of Prince Charming qualities about him – specifically the fact that he somehow manages to balance his personal life and his love of his girlfriend (and eventual wife) with his duties as a CIA analyst who is all that stands between the safety of the country and global annihilation.

Speaking of global annihilation, Chris Pine has what may be the ultimate Prince Charming quality – he hasn’t just saved the world, he keeps saving it again and again.

The only thing that Kirk seems to like more than putting those pesky Romulans in their place is experiencing all the pleasures that the ladies of the galaxy have to offer.

Kirk is a lover first, fighter second – which is a quality that Chris Pine seems to share, based on his portrayal in “Star Trek” and “Star Trek Into Darkness.”Jack Ryan is a character made famous both by the original Tom Clancy series of novels and by other films starring such actors as Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck.

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