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In the past eight years, I've lived with 16 different people in five different apartments.

Some roommates were assigned while living in dorms, some were friends I chose to move in with, but most were strangers I found on Craigslist to fill a spare room.

I must have burned an apartment building to the ground in a previous life with my landlord and roommate trapped inside.

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My Advice: Even if this isn't something you think will happen, discuss it and put the decision in writing.

Do you remember that Chris Rock sketch about first dates?

He said that when you go on a first date with someone, you’re not really meeting them — you’re meeting their representative.

That way, nobody can say they didn’t know the house rules beforehand.

Are you renting from a management company, or the owner? Before you think 'oh, it’s totally not a big deal, they seem really nice and aren't going to be intrusive at all,' consider my cautionary tale: I wish I'd thought to do more research on the landlord my current apartment.

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