Christian dentists dating belfast

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Explore and meet other Catholic Belfast singles that share similar philosophies and believe in God to lead you to your ideal soulmate.

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These bright shining lights of theological genious apparently have never stopped to think that if God is a differentiated being like a male or female, then humans are God.(I'm being facetious), inevitably bring up the profound philosophical question (I'm still being facetious): Is God male or female?This question, truly pondered for minutes at a time by tremendous scholars, like the religion writers of , is perhaps among the most arrogant, selfishly based, if not incredibly vapid questions of the modern age.If humans are God, then God does not exist because the created cannot create the Creator.We do it all the time--which says something of our own incredible stupidity for a race so intelligent. What is forgotten when we insist on isolating God into a differentiated human being is that when we speak of God, human words cannot adequately explain his Being.

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