Company consolidating contracting

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In addition, the consolidated contract's value exceeds million.[bold added for emphasis].[77 FR 29129, ]Having said that, this is a proposed SBA rule. It was at that point that I realized that what I was working with appeared to be in fact a consolidated requirement.

A FAR case hasn't even been opened yet to implement the statute. I learned of the requirements necessary to proceed with such an award while researching the subject.

An renown name in general contracting with a history and wealth of experience.

Several forward-looking contracting entities agreed to pool their experience and resources with a view to forming a general contracting company with the full resources to meet the present and future demands in the region for a strong locally based company.

The SBA has implemented the statute and defined that term to mean a solicitation for a single contract or a multiple award contract to satisfy two or more requirements of the Federal agency for goods or services that have been provided to or performed for the Federal agency under two or more separate contracts An agency had two separate contracts for janitorial services.

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This is in direct contrast to the division chief’s interpretation.

According to GAO, the area of concern with consolidating requirements (excluding bundling) resides with the restriction of competition (without regard to business size).

Every example of consolidation I found while reading GAO decisions included consolidated contracts in which the price or cost of the consolidated contract was lower than the total cost of the individual requirements prior to consolidating them.

Those contracts were in fact considered consolidated contracts.

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