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Then come mix time do a "save session as" and then remove all unused playlists.

This will improve PT performance in a huge way as it is not seeing all the playlists.

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You can also download your contacts from one mobile device to different smartphones.

If there is a down side to this practice, I would like to know what it is. It will reduce disc access load and it's necessary to move files to other DAW's.

You can always keep the original edits in another session, for archiving. good luck, W7 pro 64_i7 3930K_16GB_ Nuendo 6.5.4-7.1.3 / PT 12.4 ------Mac Mini OSX Lion_PT 10Allen&Heath GS R-24M_ full rack of vintage analog boxes _UAD2_Nugen_i Zotope_Melda_Waves_Plugin Alliance_DMG and more 2.0 and 5.1 monitoring Another thing to mention is that if you consoladate your edits into one file is to duplicate your playlist, then consolodate.

Last, as I understand consolidating regions free DSP by combinging fades, and edits and most all of mulitple regions into one more manageable track.

Bouncing down at 24bit for importing into new session for mixing, frees up DSP -computer power-, but processing any RTAS plugs used while tracking into a new processed audio file.

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