Curriculum excellence developing consolidating

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I am an Art and Design teacher and I can report that coverage of my subject is patchy to say the least.

Due to financial pressures, primaries are making choices of what they can cover in those areas.So if the theme was 'Russia', then History could do the revolution, English a Russian author, Home economics could get a samovar going etc.Another example might be different departments linking up to work on a project.I've been a teacher for many years and I work in a medium sized secondary in the Highlands.Along with every other teacher in Scotland I received a big, shiny doorstopper of a green folder, which weighs about three kilos, contains 1 A2 and 10 A1 sized shiny colour posters, and lays out in glorious detail the outcomes and experiences to be delivered by Cf E for every level, from early to fourth level, in every subject.

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