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The Department of Defense is “casting a wide net in support of this National Mission Initiative, [because it] is particularly suitable for off-the-shelf solutions,” said Larry Lewis, director of the Center for Autonomy & Artificial Intelligence at CNA.“Compare that to other NMI topics — e.g., targeting, disaster relief — that are more specific to the military, where DOD will need to rely more on tailored solutions to address its unique requirements and challenges.” Because the Pentagon’s cybersecurity needs have a lot in common with those of the private sector, which already invests over 0 billion a year in defenses, there are plenty of innovative companies to choose from — if the Defense Department can get them interested in the military market, which is notoriously bureaucratic and hard to break into.Companies whose ideas catch JAIC’s eye “be selected for pilot projects or experimentation.” But there’s a gauntlet to run first.While anyone can apply via email, each company is allowed one — and only one — proposal, and they have to make their case in “less than 100 words.” That suggests JAIC is casting the widest possible net, but also expecting it’ll have to throw out a lot of the fish and wants to waste as little time on that winnowing process as possible.This method is way better than OLX and Quikr jobs as most of the jobs listed in quicker is not verified by any beta tester and there are lots of compliments again quicker job scam.

JAIC’s Cyberspace National Mission Initiative (CNMI) is working with Undersecretary Griffin’s Rapid Reaction Technology Office (RRTO) to find a wide range of AI tools, from automatically patching weak points in military networks to hunting hacker hangouts deep in the Dark Web.

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JAIC Needs Statement 06-26-19 by Breaking Defense on Scribd Six Categories Let’s break down what the Joint AI Center is looking for in more detail.

The JAIC wants new ideas about how AI and machine learning can be applied to six areas of cybersecurity: autonomous cyber defense, user activity monitoring and attribution, social media and dark web analysis, network mapping, autonomous software development (Dev Ops), and data engineering.

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