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Chatbots for the healthcare sector have come far from the days of ELIZA.Today, they can help book appointments, ensure appropriate medicine dosages, and even suggest solutions.There are multiple chatbots that have found widescale acceptance as both patients and doctors have realized the aid they have provided in the process.Your Health- MD, which claims the largest database linkages of symptoms and diseases, is one of the most popular chatbots invested in this industry.In essence, it’s a chatbot, but one with the added “bonus” of having a body to go alongside the voice.

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Developing nations struggle to provide the medical services, and with such chatbots coming on most commonly used platforms, accessibility can be improved drastically.

Rest assured, chatbots are here to revolutionize the industry.

Do not expect them to replace doctors, but the assistance they provide is going to make a huge difference.

With hackers gaining access to secured databases around the globe, security standards for these chatbots is one of the major concerns.

In a 2016 study by Frost and Sullivan, the market for AI in healthcare is projected to reach .6 billion by 2021, a 40% growth rate.

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