Dating a greek who is dating from real world brooklyn

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Just as we were turning the corner, he yelled, “come back later for a drink!

” I pretended to sift through the menus fully aware that I didn’t give a damn; I’d much rather sip on a tall, dark, and handsome… We sat for a drink, and laughed for the entire duration of our afternoon aperitif which you can watch here.

The weather was agreeing with my hair, and it was exactly the trip I needed to recharge, and most importantly, remember the version of myself I love being – the effervescent woman who curiously goes after new stories and experiences, not the nagging girlfriend who’s irritated she didn’t get a text back.

As a relationship veteran, I’m already aware that the minute the nagging girl surfaces, it’s time to move on.

Not even the chances of running into someone and falling in love, I was honestly mostly looking forward to that morning that comes after a long time of being heart broken where it all just stops hurting.

What would come next was a blank page entitled “Greece,” where the contents were a mystery to me, a newly single gal.

What I didn’t expect was that I’d be going on a date with someone Damon and I started calling “Greek God,” as a joke.

That morning where you’re single, you’re refreshed, you’re in bed alone, and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

That’s what took me on this adventure to Greece, everything else was an added bonus.

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