Dating a martin trumpet imperial

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Trombone designs were finalised in 1928, the same year Vincent moved factories to the Bronx, New York.Hence, I don't think there were any trombones produced at the previous site (I haven't seen any evidence to suggest the opposite), but don't quote me on this!Please take a few moments to read my copyright notice and disclaimer if you haven't done so already.Vincent Bach began producing mouthpieces in New York in 1918 and trumpets in 1924.

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Vincent Bach sold his company to the Selmer Corporation in 1961.Note on serial numbers: If you're looking to date your Besson instrument by looking at serial number lists available on the internet, you should be aware that there are two different lists.One relates to Besson (London) instruments and the other to Besson (Paris) ones.Additionally, it seems that Kanstul and The Allied Company (I'm not familiar with the latter) in the USA produced Besson instruments for which serial numbers are not available (but which were similar to that used on instruments produced by B&H at their Edgware plant). Stewart Stunell has recently e-mailed me some information about the 10.10, Besson International, Besson Stratford, Besson New Standard, Besson Academy and Sessionaire ranges. One source, Stewart Stunell, believes that the 10.10 series were top-line professional instruments designed for orchestral use (as opposed to B&H's traditional market, ie brass bands).Gordon Cherry has very kindly given permission for his B&H trombone serial number list to be reproduced on this site. He says they were regarded as being better than the Imperials: the 10.10 clarinets in particular are still highly prized, especially as a matched pair in Bb and A.

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