Dating a professional cyclist

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Pro cyclists live, on average, 6.3 more years than non-cyclists. After years of honing bike-maintenance skills, your date will be up for fixing things around the house, too.

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According to the same survey, cyclists are generally viewed as 10 percent more charitable than non-cyclists. If all goes well, eventually you’re going to want to take a trip together.For any cyclist, the prospect of a few days away from the bike is a daunting one. That moment when you both arrive all road-weary at your destination, drop your bags, and collapse onto the bed. When you get right up again, unpack your bike, and start whining about how the TSA crammed your wheels back in the case and now they’re half a millimeter out of true.It starts with “I’m just gonna top up the tires for the ride tomorrow,” then “Netflix and chill” gives way to “repack and degrease,” and before you know it your partner has turned in for the night and you’re up until 1 a.m. If the separation anxiety is simply too much to bear, use your phone to take some photos of the bike.At least that way when you gaze at it you can pretend you’re wallowing in depressing current events or the personal lives of celebrities like a normal person.

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