Dating a sociopath part 2 dating your pregnancy after miscarriage

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The thrill of the hunt, the wind rushing pass them – these are the things that stimulate them.

In fact, it’s their love of excitement that makes sociopaths so appealing.

It can be difficult for a person who loves a sociopath to come to terms with such seemingly ruthless behavior.

Most people find it hard to read sociopaths, as they train their whole lives to become good actors.

Is it love in the sense that most people understand?

Probably not, but a sociopath have a strong connection with another person – it’s just difficult to tell when there’s truly something in the depths of their logical little hearts when they are so comfortable with lying and faking emotion all the time.

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However, for the empathetically challenged, these things can be incredibly boring.You may think that a relationship has to be built on trust, and rightfully so.There are tons of little things that you share with your partner on a daily basis, and big issues need to be laid out and discussed openly.While having a partner who can keep their cool in heated situations and always look for a rational solution may seem like a good deal at first, there will be situations where you’ll just want your partner to let go and share in your excitement or sadness.Now, don’t get me wrong, sociopaths have a strong survival instinct and they can experience fear just like the rest of the world – it’s just that they don’t stress about things that they can’t control.

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