Dating for messianic jews

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Irrespective of the Bible prophecies, it is very difficult to imagine a rational Jew who would believe in an eternal and infinite G-d that created the entire universe, who suddenly decided to conceive Himself in the body of a woman, live as a flesh and blood man and be crucified by humans.

The sect has about 200,000 people in the United States and calls itself Jews for Jesus, despite that many of the group are gentiles.

If this monstrous, ancient lie about Jewish sages were not enough, the Jewish apostates to this form of Christianity even present themselves as observant Jews who eat kosher and affix a mezuzah on their front door, and sometimes even wear tefillin too, as part of their effort to disguise their apostasy from the Torah.

Messianic Jews will not tell you that they are not against assimilating with gentiles and intermarriage.

(The only trouble is, all those "Elders of Zion" crooks and villains who have been hiding the Old Testament prophecies about Jesus, have been passing down the Biblical writings for thousands of years in their entirety, and somehow forgot to delete those prophecies that in the Christian view clearly verify Christianity...).

It is easy to understand that all the power of this Christian sect lies in the atmosphere of secrecy that they convey to their followers: the claim that there is a hidden truth in the Bible that many do not know, which the rabbis have been hiding for thousands of years from their followers.

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