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Needing a date for her brother's rehearsal dinner, Natalie resorts to asking Lt. Soon after their arrival at the hotel, Disher is run down and seriously injured by a car belonging to one of Natalie's relatives, saved from death only by the suitcases he had been hauling.

The only clues to the driver's identity are the red baseball cap Disher saw as the car came toward him and a bit of greenish mud on the car floor.

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Natalie reveals in this episode that her family owns a brand of toothpaste. Bristo identifies himself as being from "Monterrey County Police".

Glenne Headly, who plays Captain Stottlemeyer's wife played a character named Janet Colgate in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988). County law enforcement would be done by a Sheriff's office, not the police.

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"The messaging within the series has a lot to do with speaking out, telling the truth, looking at when authority figures are maybe doing things that are questionable.

So it kind of all came out at the perfect time."And speaking of the original, fantasy illustrator Brian Froud, who was the film's original concept designer, as well as the primary concept artist on the Netflix series, spoke about the legacy of Jim Henson and how his presence was felt when making the prequel. "He was just a wonderful man, and great to work for and you just always wanted to please him and do what he wanted because he really believed in his vision.

When a man's body is discovered in one of the hotel's mud baths, Monk identifies the man as the photographer based on his stained fingers, and Stottlemeyer joins forces with the local police chief to obtain a search warrant and search the victim's home for clues.

Meanwhile, Monk catches the bride-to-be in a lie about ...

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