Dating in iqaluit

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If someone just wants to connect over drinks in a dry community, see a movie, or take long walks on the beach, they probably don’t live in Nunavut and quite possibly don’t even exist.

On the other hand, if you see an Inuktitut word thrown in there and maybe a sealfie, you’re likely looking at a legit Nuna profile.

And, there is an unspoken understanding that what happens online, stays online, so, if (when) you do see someone you know on a dating site, it may be an opportunity to approach him or her in a way you couldn’t before.

If my experience with online dating in Nunavut has taught me anything, it's that finding romance is universally complicated, but wholeheartedly worth it once you find that someone who could be the tinder for your fire.

Online dating via plentyoffish doesn't cost you a dime.

And lets not even mention the chance of actually getting matched with your sister, cousin, aunt, or teacher - something I didn’t really have to worry about, but I imagine can and does happen to other Nunavummiut online.

While there are some obvious disadvantages to relying on the Internet for emotional or physical connections, there are some interesting advantages, especially in Nunavut.

Three of the first four people I was introduced to were already my Facebook friends. I had been matched with no one, be it an acquaintance or a stranger.

The moment the first connection appeared, I freaked out and tried to disable my phone and rip the battery out. Now Tinder is not the only option when it comes to online dating in Nunavut.

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