Dating pangulong erap estrada who was k michelle dating at jive records

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In hindsight, if not for that bold and historic vote, we would not have seen the rise of Subic and Clark as living examples of what we can, on our own, achieve as a sovereign nation.In 1990, when I was arrested for what the Supreme Court eventually declared to be a non-existent crime of "Rebellion Complexed with Murder" right on the Floor of the Old Senate, Erap was the only one among my colleagues who dared and offered to accompany me as I rode the van with the arresting officers led by then Director of the National Bureau of Investigation, former Gen. Kababaril lang ho kay Pepe Oyson sa isang police van.Hindi man siya mahilig magtalumpati, at madalas nilalait ang kanyang pagsasalita ng Ingles, nakita ko ang kanyang pagiging isang totoong tao. Hindi matatawaran ang kanyang pagiging tunay na maka-tao at maka-mahirap.Pinagtatawanan siya noon sa kanyang isinulong na "Carabao Bill".I am sure that before Senator Lacson launched this serial attacks against President Estrada, he knew that his motives would be doubted, questioned, and made the subject of many speculations, both favorable and unsavory.Knowing Senator Lacson, I am also sure he is prepared to address these doubts and these questions.Ngayon, ang ating mga magsasaka at ang bansa ay nakikinabang ng husto sa "Carabao Center" sa Gitnang Luzon na naitatag sa pamamagitan ni Erap.As a Senator, Joseph Estrada proved to be a true nationalist.

On the other hand, those who despised him from the beginning, for he did not belong to the self-righteous elitist segments of this society, were relentless in their efforts to humiliate him and oust him from Malacanang fast and quick.He, along with eleven other Senators, myself included, voted for the abrogation of the U. Bases Agreement despite the strong lobby for its extension led by no less than President Aquino.While we were praised by many as "The Magnificent Twelve," we were also denounced and branded as "The Dirty Dozen" by those who wanted to maintain America's military presence in the Philippines.But since Senator Lacson spoke about who he claims "the real Erap Estrada" is, I hope he and my colleagues will not begrudge me for feeling compelled to speak about the side of President Erap I have personally witnessed in our long years of association and friendship.Ang sasabihin ko po ngayon ay yun lamang sariling karanasan at kaalaman ko ukol sa katauhan ng Dating Pangulong Joseph Ejercito Estrada.

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