Dating profile essays

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Even if you didn’t win the genetic lottery, online dating gives you an opportunity to showcase your great personality.

Answer the dating site’s profile questions in a way which lets people see how interesting you are.

And do you really want someone who only wants a thinner/younger/richer version of you, anyhow?

You wouldn’t walk up to a cutie you see at a party and start telling him or her your life story, would you? Avoid writing long essays in your dating profile about your life history, your taste in music, films and television, your political beliefs, or anything else for that matter.

Have a short, witty answer for one of the dating site’s standard silly questions.

Talk (without becoming verbose) about what interests you. Do not pretend you are single if you are still getting a divorce.

Here are my top tips that will help you create the best online dating profile.

Keep your descriptions of yourself and the type of person you’re looking for short and sweet.

Give enough information to give people an idea of who you are—but don’t go into long, boring detail.

Ideally, a dating website photo should indicate that you are friendly—so choose a picture where you wear your normal smile.

It’s also a good idea to have at least two photos, one of which is a full body shot.

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