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This growth is partly due to a genuine need for connection some users lack in their real-life interpersonal relationships, but realistically, it is also due to a perfect storm.This tempest brings together the boom of mobile game development, comedic You Tube Let’s Play videos (which subjectively document with commentary the experience of playing a video game), internet community-oriented culture, and an all-around more expansive demographic beyond straight, nerdy males.This title (and many others) center less on gameplay mechanics and true-to-life experiences, but instead focus on an invented narrative, much like an interactive graphic novel.While the game’s contents are less explicit than its contemporaries, the heavily scripted nature leads to slightly more engaging character development — which tend to be missing in other games within this category of gameplay that looks to create intimacy.This kind of work within dating sims is proving to be incredibly important for members of these communities who are limited in their ability to express their romantic desires or are still in the process of exploring what their romantic desires are.Due to the isolation and loneliness many members of the LGBTQ community can experience, especially in less open-minded arenas, these games have become a powerful tool in providing a safe space for many users.

This genre of simulator is titled an “otome” game (乙女ゲーム Otome gēmu).

Dating Simulators or “dating sims” are the most prominent example of what I have termed the “gamification of intimacy.” These sims are a sub-genre of video games which center a user forming and maintaining romantic relationships with digital partners — often making use of still developing technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

It is clear that dating sims are increasing in popularity, and that they are having a positive impact on previously excluded demographics.

Whether or not mainstream society will eventually substitute human intimacy with digital objects and experiences on a mass-scale is still unclear.

However, the technology behind this gamification of intimacy is rapidly expanding.

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