Dating type of relationship processing time

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Some lovers may be selfish, and some others may be unfaithful.But now and then, you may come across someone who seems just perfect for you.

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Instead of approaching a conversation thinking he’s doing something on purpose or being insensitive, shift your awareness to thinking he just needs help understanding where you’re coming from. Instead of saying, “I’m fed up that you never want to hang out with my friends,” try a positive set up like this: “You know I want us both to feel happy in this relationship, and I always want to be honest with you.So what separates a perfect relationship from the bad ones?In reality, there’s just one thing separating the everlasting romance from the bad ones. You may be a great lover who’s selfless and giving, but if you’re dating someone who isn’t compatible with your expectations from love, the relationship can leave both of you feeling bitter and mean. Have you been accused of being needy or too emotional in your relationships?Read on to find out how to use your feelings the right way with a man. Basically, people think we don’t have them, don’t want to share them, and don’t want to listen to them, either. Let me tell you about what’s really going on for men when it comes to feelings, and show you how you can use this knowledge to build a solid foundation for a secure, lasting relationship.

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