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High-Risk/Low-Risk Classifications Conal goes into options the credit card companies have in classifying businesses as either high- or low-risk.He explains that much depends on your payment relationship with the banks.You want them to feel it’s easier to contact you than to contact their bank.This is why your customer service lines should be open and answered immediately.If, however, you maintain a friendly relationship with the merchant banks that issue credit cards, Cunningham states that it’s possible that those banks will simply issue a refund without any fanfare and without incurring any charges, fees or fines.Communication With Customers Good communication with your customers is another critical factor in keeping your relationship with your credit card processing company on a healthy footing.

This message should provide them with an easy means for contacting your company, either by phone or on the website, if they have a questions, problems, or disputes.

A refund is guaranteed to the customer and the entire matter is handled without incurring high fees or fines.

This also keeps the incidence of fraud below the 1% threshold, thereby keeping the account in a healthy condition.

This can affect the 1% fraud threshold when fines start being levied.

While businesses classified high-risk may have a higher fraud threshold, the downside is that some banks may decline charges from a high-risk business.

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