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Another misconception is that we are only into amputees. Many of us grow up feeling tremendous shame, guilt and isolation.Not so, there are devotees for every kind of physical disability, including spinal cord injury, blindness, deafness, leg braces, crutches, stuttering, or anything else. In my case, I was convinced until my mid 20s that I was the only person in the world with this attraction.I hear from folks when someone has done 'em wrong or when they've done someone wrong.This problem is exacerbated when the bad actor in a particular situation represents a group like devotees, i.e.I just wanted to say to any one reading this who is struggling with this attraction, you are not alone.Anyone who wants some insight into what it's like to grow up as a devotee should read the novel A response to the lesbian-devotee-Internet-pictures letter by GIMP. I am a female devotee, and am predominantly attracted to men with disabilities.Most people assume the able bodied partner is just "seeing past" the disability.The only time people hear about us is when someone does something horrible. We can be caring, considerate partners, and we care deeply about accessibility and disability rights.

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What that woman did was horrible, and the girlfriend should absolutely dump her.I would post pictures of any partner online without their consent.(I would also tell my partner before nine months had gone by about my particular attraction too, but thats another issue.) That is absolutely unforgivable behavior.Devotees get a lot of bad press because of a few bad actors, but you never hear about those of us who have successful, healthy relationships.— And a quick programming note: Pretty much any group can wind up looking bad in my column because...well, because people don't send me questions when everything's going great.

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