Don draper dating tips

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For a TV show so highly praised for its historical accuracy to the period, it was surprising to me to see Don Draper wear a 36mm Oyster Perpetual without a date.

For those of you who are not familiar with this classic watch, the Reverso was originally introduced in 1931 as a Polo Watch.

Interestingly, after Don Draper is promoted in season 2 of Mad Men, he upgrades from a silver to a gold Reverso.

In February 2012, Jaeger Le Coultre released a limited edition Mad Men Reverso that can be seen here.

At the time, Rolex was pretty much unknown in the US and steel-bracelet watches were not in fashion for men of Don’s position.

Moreover, when he lights a cigarette, pours a drink, or browses through his portfolio, it is clear that Don’s watch is a sapphire crystal (probably Ref. However, Rolex did not introduce the sapphire until the 1970’s with their Beta Quartz and Presidential Day-Date models.

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