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Coming to a space I knew so well feels both familiar and different, like if my room had been rearranged very slightly by mischievous housemates.These changes may seem minor but they’ve already forced me to alter my playstyle: bounty runes and their early gold boosts can help heroes get the advantage in their lane, while shrine coordination is key for mid-game pushes and recovery after teamfights.It’s a great start to any battle: lock a chunk of the enemy team in there, and you and yours are almost guaranteed to get a few kills.Miss entirely — call up the arena on empty ground as the opposing team skips off to safety — and your team calls for your death. Mars is, in Dota 2 terms at least, a fairly simple hero to use.

The arena forces enemies to stand and fight, or at least wait, until the spell duration ends and they’re either a) free to go about their business, or b) dead.

These new mechanics come on top of a teetering pile of things to remember: the management of a hero’s active skills, the purchase of their ideal items for each given match, their progression through their skill tree, the last-hitting and denying of creeps, and the perfect times to jungle, ward, and kill Roshan. I’m not sure, but there’s certainly to the process of playing Dota 2.

Fortunately, updates have streamlined at least some of this process.

Pangolier’s ultimate, the ability to roll into a magic-immune ball and smash into enemies, gives him some much-needed survivability, but the unwieldy form takes time to learn how to control. Introduced shortly after 2015’s Dota 2’s hefty “Reborn” update, Arc Warden comes with flimsy defense and average attacks, but complicates the situation by demanding that players split attention between two clones in order to function effectively.

Like micro-intensive heroes Invoker, Chen, and Meepo, these kinds of demands put Arc Warden out of the skill ranges of new players, but allow for some serious showoff Dota if you can hack it.

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