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But you can do things on your own to make up for this—which you’ll find in our tips below. Avoid sites and apps that let just anyone message you.Unfortunately, people already get lots of unpleasant and disrespectful messages.Luckily, we were able to find these guidelines fairly quickly on each one.Does it take more than just a few minutes to sign up?Spend more time enjoying dates and less time trying to find them.

It’s important to remember that anything you put online is essentially public—that’s true for dating apps too.

And if you decide to meet up in the real world, there’s unfortunately also a chance you could find yourself in physical danger.

You’re never responsible for the predatory or disrespectful behavior of others, but there are things you can do to protect yourself when you’re interacting with a stranger.

Sophisticated, busy women like you need quick, helpful, positive advice on dating so you can efficiently meet incredible guys in real-life and online—all while feeling great about yourself.

Vixely tells you like it is so you show off your true self and make the most of every dating moment to keep men wanting more.

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