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Toni on the other hand has been going on and on about “playing in the snow” with a new white boo and from talk on the “Braxton Family Values” she was even dating her ex-husband again.

When rumors circulated about her dating Terrance J, her response was “He’s 12.

He didn’t have to go through the trouble of , Eddie initially denied having a girlfriend, then he quickly used the friends line when Toni’s name was brought up.

Murphy also talked Oscars, since he was rumored to be the would-be host this year when Brett Ratner was slated to produce.

Remember when Eddie Murphy said during an interview that we couldn’t presume that Mel B’s baby was his even though he was dating her, and then the baby later turned out to be his? Then we heard all these allegations about what an ass he was to Mel during their relationship.

Then he faux-married another woman in a commitment ceremony, and broke up with her in record speed.

“He’s really solid at that.” However, when Murphy talked to “Extra,” he was a little more forthcoming with his true thoughts on the telecast.

It’s getting very serious.” Eddie is known for dating beautiful women.He was married to model Nicole Murphy then he dated Spice Girl Melanie Brown for a while before moving on to Babyface’s ex-wife, Tracey Edmonds.He was even linked to Whitney Houston back in the day, so Toni wouldn’t be a stretch for the comedian.Dating the same woman that another celebrity used and discarded seems to be a popular pastime in Hollywood.Murphy's latest conquest, Paige Butcher, used to date Simmons and model Tyson Beckford, among others.

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