Extreme sex date

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Blair’s Total Cost: 100 points Chance of emotional involvement leading to relationship: Extremely Low Note: It’s entirely possible that Blair has no interest in a relationship, but prefers one-off sex with men she finds attractive.

If this is the case, her strategy is likely to succeed. She enjoys receiving attention from guys, and loves to socialize.

Also talent wise Frankie Muniz headlines the movie, which for an out of work child actor doesn't say a lot.

Big name Michael Cera looks embarrassed through trying to bounce off other wooden 'actors' (I doubt they were even that) involved a small role in an equally unfunny scenario. I think it's safe to say SAG have no idea where those artistes were hired from.

That got me thinking – we generally expect greater risks to yield greater rewards, but we forget that few risky strategies ever pay off at all. She has a lot of first and second dates – the guys always pay – and then they tend to disappear.

For every Olympian who embraced enormous risk and was rewarded with victory and fame, there are thousands who took the same risks and failed. Sofie’s Total Cost: 60 points Chance of emotional involvement leading to relationship: Moderate Note: Sofie has 40 unspent points.

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