First impressions and dating

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This will send a message that you are in control and will be a calm, confident person to be around.

Learn more about using your body language to attract women here Do not approach a woman slumped over, arms crossed, and eyes facing towards the floor.

If you can make a woman feel as though she is in love with you, then you will win her over.

You need to create that ‘love at first sight’ feeling during your first impression.

Following are a few ways you can make the most out of your first impression.

Of course, you shouldn’t wear red lipstick to make a good first impression and attract women…it just won’t work. Wear a red hat, a red tie, or even a red dress shirt.

If you approach her quickly, she will still be in that state of arousal, but if you wait too long, she will start to form an opinion about you that could form a negative opinion.

In short, instead of letting her from her opinion about you purely by imagination, you want to get in there and do and say things that leave the first impression you want to leave.

That may sound like something you don’t want to do if you are only trying to attract women, but believe me, the science behind it will help you attract women and make them want more, which is likely your goal with women.

The feeling of love at first sight (heart pounding and complete focus on him) makes a woman think ‘I want him,’ and that is the exact thing you want her to think about you!

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