Football player dating espn reporter

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Rutledge is actually already spoken for and happily married to another sports man.

She is in a long-term relationship with Major League Baseball star Josh Rutledge.

I did just enjoy watching them though.”Although many will agree that Prather Hudson’s attempt at wooing her was adorable, let’s hope that her future in sports reporting doesn’t include any more nasty collisions on the sidelines.

A college football player accidentally bowled over an ESPN reporter on TV, and then apologized by asking her out.

So many thanks to everyone at [the University of Georgia] for their help after this happened..though I’m a Gator." Rutledge, who is married to former Boston Red Sox Infielder Josh Rutledge, was very polite in letting Hudson down easy, simply tweeting back to him a laughing-crying emoji.

While we have always felt that sideline reporters are relatively useless, we have to congratulate the new couple.

ESPN’s Laura Rutledge found herself becoming the unsuspecting victim of a football tackle when two college football players crashed into her as she reported from the sidelines at a game between the University Of Georgia and The University Of Massachusetts.“Hey @Laura MRutledge really sorry I knocked you down, but…

reports, one of the players who knocked her over thought that this was his chance to ask the sportscaster on a date.“Hey @Laura MRutledge really sorry I knocked you down, but…

AN AMERICAN football player has been trying to pick up more than just points last weekend.

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