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During a recent chat with Frank Iero, Seton O' Conner from the discovered that the band's members actually meet up every year just to keep the lines of communication open and discuss business.Iero's revelation was part of a bigger conversation dating back to the 2016 social media teaser for album that inadvertently had fans thinking that a reunion was imminent.

The My Chemical Romance guitarist and two of his crew were hit by a bus while they were unloading their van in Australia.He is also the vocalist of 'Leathermouth', a post-hardcore band and of the electronic-hardcore act ‘Death Spells’.After his parents spilt-up, he was raised by his mother, who encouraged his musical talents by lending out her basement for band practice.”Gerard grins, bright and brilliant, and kisses Frank, softly, gently, and Frank’s heart melts all over again.“Always.” The fifth time happened three years ago, and Frank knows, as he watches Gerard sleep, in their very own bed, in their very own house – he knows that this time, this is it. While we definitely miss My Chemical Romance's music, fans can take some comfort in knowing that all appears to be well amongst the band's members and their friendships remain intact.

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