Gay dating in mass

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Whether we are offering a workshop, talking over coffee for hours with a new-found kindred spirit, or just exploring the peaceful country setting, we are MMG.For thirty now, men have been using the wide-open format of the weekend to take chances and be good to themselves — by leading a workshop, receiving applause during talent show, sleeping incredibly late, playing Frisbee or Scrabble, hiking around the pond, talking around a campfire, pitching in to help with meals…Massachusetts Men’s Gathering (MMG) is a participant-organized and participant-led weekend that happens twice a year at a year-round camp/retreat center.Like similar format retreats throughout New England and in several other states, MMG does not hire “experts” to run workshops or provide the entertainment, but trusts in the abilities of whoever shows up!Get to your planner and find a time happily, even if it has to be in a week or so. " (available on, by the way), and was able to include her in the book's dedications.People pick up on your enthusiasm -- otherwise they will come to the conclusion that you really aren't interested in pursuing a relationship. But if your heart is ready and open, you have much to gain in terms of getting to know yourself better, getting acquainted or reacquainted with dating at your own pace -- and ultimately maybe finding that special someone. Under the author photo, which Lynne took, I wrote that, as a "late bloomer" myself, I found my true love in my 50's.

There are other LGBT meetups in area open to all ages, and it is easy to create a new one if one doesn't already exist.

Worst of all: breaking up on a post-it: Remember Sex and the City? We had our initial coffee date early last March, became engaged in July, and will be married in October.

Take Care, Lanie On the phone, don't give the impression that you are too busy to date. The timing was perfect, as I was just about to publish my book, "Attention Late Bloomers: You're Right On Time!

Looking for fun events to meet new gay guys, but don't want to schlep into Boston? Other people are looking for gay friends, fun events, or something entirely different.

Looking for LGBT activities that don't involve clubs or heavy drinking? This group seeks to accommodate all of those different interests.

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