Girl im dating grandmother dies

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So, I kept my feelings secret and resigned myself to the fact that she will marry this other guy for nearly 2 years. Nonetheless, and against my own will, the feelings stayed.

Then, a few months ago, she broke up with other guy and we started dating. Since then, I’ve told her I love her a million times, and she says the same.

Vorel then gave Eaten a MP3 electrocardiogram recording of the heartbeat, so that she can listen to it on her phone, whenever she wants.

'Oh, that's the most beautiful sound ever,' Eaton said after she listened to the recording.'It was to us, too,' Vorel replied.

Pictured, left to right: Lola, her grandfather Jeffrey Vorel, her grandmother Margaret Bond Vorel and Eaton Lola's grandmother, Margaret Bond Vorel, said she was excited but nervous.'It had to be the worst day of [Eaton's] life,' Vorel said in an interview on the hospital's blog.'And yet it turned [out to be] probably the best day of our lives, so there is that guilt in that process.' Eaton says that from the moment she met the Vorels, she was overcome with emotion.

'I walked into the room and immediately broke down and cried,' she said, according to the blog. She's just precious.' Eaton put on a stethoscope, placed the chest piece by Lola's heart, and listened.'I'm just very happy that I can hear his heart, and that I know he's living his life in her now,' she said.

Now, nearly a year later, as a sign of gratitude, Lola's grandparents, who are her legal guardians, invited Eaton to hear Cash' heart beat again.

Brooke Eaton's two-year-old son, Cazmirr 'Cash' Landers, fell into a swimming pool in August 2018 and was on life support for six days before passing away.

Eaton, from Pekin, Illinois, made the decision to donate his organs, saving several lives.

I didnt know how to react, I just sent her a text message telling her that its great shes spending time supporting her family and to just give me a shout.

She sent me a message appologizing about the terrible timing, how she wished she could spend halloween with me, and she appologizes that she will be MIA that week because of her grandmother (the funeral was this past friday). I sent her an initial message telling her im not rushing and that she should get back to me when she wants to.... I also sent her one or two funny pictures over the course of 5 days just to brighten her day up. Its been about a week since her GMA died (she said she wasnt that torn up about it she is kinda glad its over with since she has been taking care of her for months).

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