Good probing questions dating aries woman dating a leo man

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They are not "why" questions, but rather "what" or "how" questions."Why" questions are good for soliciting information, but can make people defensive so be thoughtful in your use of them.

This means being intent on understanding what the person who is talking is really saying. Let go of your opinions so that they don't block you from learning more information.

We can repeat back to our clients just what they said. By asking questions our client knows we are listening and filling in the gaps.

We can expand on this by articulating back to them what we believe they mean. When our client is being vague, it is important for us to clarify the circumstances. " Being Curious Do not assume you know the answer or what your client is going to tell you. Use your curiosity so that your next question can go deeper.

Effective questions are questions that are powerful and thought provoking.

Effective questions are open-ended and not leading questions.

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