Hapas dating hapas

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He never discussed it with her again, nor did he discuss it with his older brother.He never even knew why she bothered to tell him in the first place because it didn’t change anything.all the hapa girls i see are with white men like they belong to them or something :/ one is a koreaboo with a korean guy but thats full asian. That said I love mixed people in general but hapas tend to be pretty lame in my experience.

to the hapa girls here:would you guys ever consider dating hapa guys and having a hapa family or just marry a white or asian???We would literally hide in his insanely large walk in closet until she found us and tried to barge in there too. He had some super lucrative government job and provided for the family while she worked part time somewhere to keep busy. In the entire time that we dated, I never once saw her say something nice or even smile at him.I once overheard her say “[Bf’s name] why you date Black girl!? He pretty much avoided her for the entire 1.5 years that we were dating because this was a constant refrain. I kind of felt sorry for him, but idk he kind of asked for it.He just looked like a really tan White guy while my bf looked like a pale Chinese dude.Older brother was the golden child to their mom, while my bf was treated like a fully grown baby (like an inconvenience who needed to have his nailed clipped for him while he was sleeping up until he was 15-16 years old) for his whole life until he started dating me.

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