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Notwithstanding a brief interlude during World War II when it produced munitions, the Company has continued to expand its range.Alnwick, England, became famous as the birthplace of this angling institution and the annual Hardy catalogue became the “bible” for all those who sought either knowledge of, or the best of fishing equipment itself – these catalogues have become very collectible items.A year later he was joined by his brother, John James, and the Hardy Brothers Partnership came into being.The high quality guns which they sold ranged from shotguns to pistols.To begin with, lancewood, hickory and greenheart rods were produced, but, by 1880, bamboo had been added to the range.The Company was the first manufacturer to invent a system for building rods in hexagonal form from bamboo.However, despite their success, the Hardy brothers’ passion for fishing soon dictated a change in direction.Their favourite hobby became their profession, and the reputation of Hardy rods and reels was born.

For well over a century, Hardy has been renowned as the manufacturer of the finest game fishing tackle in the world – the name is synonymous with quality and excellence.

It developed ball bearing reels and was the first to feature the check mechanism housed within the reel arbour and introduced the first large arbour reel in 1911.

The Company’s record of innovation is a testament to the wealth of expertise invested in it.

Among the three generations of Hardy’s involved in the firm, there have been some great anglers, beginning with John James who became World Champion Fly Caster.

His nephew “LRH” became the most celebrated fly fisherman of his day: his prowess in casting reached almost legendary proportions.

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