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Coltrane brings the same larger-than-life charm to Fitz that he did to the half-giant Hagrid in the “Harry Potter” movies. Tennison (Mirren) is plagued by personal demons like depression and alcoholism, though unlike her male peers she has to contend with institutional sexism, a crude, constant pressure that’s always trying to push her down and out of London’s Metropolitan Police Service.The stellar supporting cast includes a number of recognizable British actors, including the former “Doctor Who” star Christopher Eccleston as the detective chief inspector and Geraldine Somerville as Fitz’s love interest. Through seven television mini-series aired over nearly 16 years, we get to see Tennison age into a gray-haired but still canny detective superintendent.Like a take on the first season of “The Wire” from the other side of the pond, this mini-series embroils a huge cast of criminals and cops in an investigation whose many surprising turns expose deep-seated institutional corruption.But instead of photocopying gritty realism of “The Wire,” creator Hugo Blick (“The Honorable Woman”), who wrote and directed every episode, embraces old-school cinematic artifice.

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Far more humorous than its source material would suggest, “Sherlock” is fast-paced, full of clever visualizations for Holmes’s brilliant deductions and loaded with charm to you like murder shows or Idris Elba.But the show’s creator Sally Wainwright is just as interested in her heroine’s complicated home-life (where she lives with her emotionally unstable grandson and her ex-junkie sister), as well as the social conditions that fostered this series’ cast of drug-dealers, kidnappers, rapists and serial killers.“Happy Valley” is mostly about this community, where beautiful landscapes are marred by pockets of extreme poverty, and where everybody seems to know everybody else’s you like dark British mysteries.“Luther” is an excellent murder show — absolutely frightening, with a combination of sultry intrigue, genuine jolts and, of course, Elba as the gifted yet troubled detective.This isn’t new territory exactly, but “Luther” gets it right, achieving the kind of intensity other cop shows can only dream of.

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